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Stick Against Stone INSTANT

On one hand, the first true studio album of this band, founded in 1981 in Pittsburgh, that finally ended up in Eugene, Oregon, by way of Brooklyn. On the other hand, full of mixes, remixes, and dubs - not to exclude [other things] that, at the same time, I could not entirely tease out. With a little internet reading (since there are things in there that one really has to check out!) Stick Against Stone seems to be a case of a sort of lost band, which was only discovered a few years ago for a wider public, especially with the "Oregon Bootleg Tapes” (which appeared two years ago on the same label as “Instant"), which every self-respecting critic from Christgau to Pitchfork celebrated. What we hear on “Instant” justifies the excitement entirely: we hear here a band with foresight and a laid-back attitude that they put to work here casually with a broad range. Quite charming and dazzling in a unique way between the early 80's up to today. (MediaGroove / Broken Silence)

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